This relates to yesterday’s post about how the early spring must affect our farmer’s. Martina discusses the threat to an orchard on the farm where she works.

the vegan farmer

Happy 26 degrees folks. Today was a scorcher for March! It was also vernal equinox yesterday, and if you look at the night sky you can see both Jupiter and Venus!

It’s been great to revel in the t-shirt and shorts weather, especially now when more outside jobs are coming back into the picture at the farm. I’ve spent much of the last 2 weeks pruning apple trees, which I did not know how to do until, well, about 2 weeks ago.

Lorne took Jaye and I around the old orchard (with some trees 60+ years old!) to show us how to tell different varieties apart and how to prune each kind. I found out that Mac trees have tons of buds on them which need to be thinned so the apples have space to grow, and Spy trees have more sparse buds but grow suckers (new growth) like mad…

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